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Howling…. by @phoenixstar9

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You can say I’m a monster
and our bedroom’s the chase scene
you run from my terror..
as you let out a big scream…
holding you by your neck…
oddly the opposite of a bad dream
on all fours right behind you..
like a beast on the big screen
as I enter your locked door..
and no I don’t need a key
breaking your walls down..
and all you can feel is me
surrendering to my growls
you are my prey the way that I thrive..
but now even you howl..
while I eat you alive..
holding you in my mouth…
the pleasure numbs the feeling you expected..
two wolves in the moon light…
covered in love….though visually naked…
you claw at me gently but only to guide me…
snarling softly our limbs all entangled
I laugh as you show your teeth while you ride me….
Playfully fighting for Alpha Status as pleasure surrounds us…

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1 Comment

  • AveyRose on January 23, 2012

    I liked that a lot! I liked the visual from it.

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