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The Chase [Pt. 1]… by @KiddRockstarr

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[*thinking* Damn..I wonder what Shorty doin’ ? Should I hit her up ? I haven’t talked to her all day…. Shit…. I told her I was going to hit her up later. Whatever. If she wanna talk then she know what to do. Just like the rest of’em. She not special *inhales blunt*] [*thinking* Damn..Shorty still hasn’t hit me up. What the hell is taking her so long ? *looks at phone* No messages, no emails, no pics. She must not  know who I am ? She must think I’m gonna chase after her ? Hell yeah fucking right. *picks up phone & looks at it…again…….”man Ima just text her”……………”nevermind”]                                                                     ►►►
As I started to drift back in I had realized that I had been thinking about one shorty for a good portion of the day. This was something different for me. She was different. I caught that when I seen her just chilling, VIP, bobbing her head to “In The Lounge”, and sipping on Lemon Sorbet Nuvo at one of my shows. She continuously caught my eye. For my next song “Yours For The Night”, I needed a nice lady to come on stage. That was the song where I got to pull a random cutie from the audience and dance on her. I skimmed the front row but my attention reverted back to her section..on her. I looked at her and motioned for her to come up. She gave me a half smile & sat her glass down on the table she was at and glided up the stairs to the stage in her six inch, spiked, Christian Louboutins. She came up, I took her hand and danced around her and on her throughout the song.

When the show was over, she didn’t even bombard back stage with the rest of the groupies who wanted something from me or one of the crew members like I was expecting. I spotted her walking towards the exit as I walked back out to the stage to look at the empty arena. I jumped off and ran towards her just in time to stop her before she walked out the door.

“Ey, preciate you comin’ up on stage tonight stuntin’ for me” I told her with the winners smile.
“Yeah, you’re welcome”
“You not tryna come back stage with us ?”
“Nah, no thank you”
“Aiight well how bout you let me get your number then & we’ll link up sometime”
“Oh ? You want to link up sometime yeah ?
[At this point in my head I’m just about to say cool & fuck it but for some reason I continued] “Yeah, I mean if that’s cool with you”
“Hm.. ok.” [She pulled out a white iPhone 4s with a golden cover from her Louboutin evening bag and handed it to me] “Put your number in here.”

[I looked at her for a second to see if she was serious..She was.] “Here you go.” As I handed her back her phone.
She took it and proceeded out the door with nothing else said……

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