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Every Day Should Be Valentine’s Day

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walked into the all-white party with lust in her heart and a mind stuck on
conquering the first young tender that piqued her interest. Tristan was a very
pretty, caramel colored woman with full sexy lips; big, slightly slanted,
piercing gray eyes, and shoulder length, brown locs with blonde highlights. Her
beauty was disarming as Tristan was a very aggressive, very masculine stud. She
stood about 5’10” tall and boasted a strong but slightly curvy physique.
Tristan was a knockout and she knew it.
entering the club, she met up with her homies who were also good looking in
their own right. They were affectionately called The Crew and stood out
from the average party goer due to their above average good looks and sense of style. The Crew was posted up in their usual
spot near the dance floor adjacent to the bar where they could see their
next victims enter and exit the club. As soon as Tristan posted up with a
drink, in walked Valentine and her girls.
was a 5’6″, mocha colored, very feminine woman. She was beautiful and very
curvy with an ample swell to her breasts. She had full luscious lips and big,
warm, beautiful, brown eyes that held a glint of mischief if you took a closer
look. As Valentine and her girls breezed by the crew she made eye contact with
Tristan. Tristan gave her a casual half smile half smirk that shot straight to
Valentine’s pussy causing her clit to jump and throb. Valentine stopped dead in
her tracks, staring at Tristan. One of her girls saw her with her mouth
ajar and snatched her arm, “Girl, that’s The Crew. They break hearts.  You
don’t want it with them.”
But it
was too late, Valentine was smitten. Throughout the night she stole furtive glances at
Tristan whose laser gray eyes would catch her each time and activate her pussy
once again. Valentine made up her mind, she was going to meet Tristan if it was
the last thing she did. After a few shots of liquid courage disguised as
Patron, she made her move. Valentine walked over to Tristan to introduce
my name is Valentine,” then she licked her lips and ran the finger tip of
her right index finger lightly along the exposed skin of Tristan’s chest above
her V-neck shirt.
sexy smirk never changed but her thought processes did. Valentine’s touch was
like an electric current pulsing through her body. Her body was on fire and she
wanted to quench that fire in Valentine. Had
she met her match?
Tristan drawled in a controlled, sexy baritone, “Baby girl, the pleasure
is all mine.”
she could think twice, Valentine stepped in close and whispered in Tristan’s
ear, “I want you to fuck me.” She immediately turned and walked away
in the direction of the bathrooms and away from the dance floor.
couldn’t believe what she just heard. Her body was aflame and the source of
that flame just invited her to feast on her succulent sex. For a brief second,
a flash of fear coursed through her body, again, have
I met my match?
supreme confidence kicked in and the moment of fear was gone. She turned to the
homies who hadn’t taken notice of the interaction between Tristan and Valentine
and informed them she would be right back then headed in the direction that
Valentine disappeared in.
Tristan walked past the dark stairwell to the upper level of the night club, which was closed
tonight, she felt a hand grab her arm and pull her towards the curtain that
blocked the stairwell. It was Valentine, standing behind the curtain, desire
plastered across her face. Tristan stepped right up to her pressed her body
into Valentine’s then kissed her hard across the lips, forcing her tongue
into Valentine’s mouth. Valentine melted at the contact and her nectar
immediately began to leak down her leg, but she returned Tristan’s kiss with a
hunger and fervor that matched her desire.
broke the kiss, grabbed Valentine’s hand and ushered her up the stairs and onto
the 2nd level, rooftop dance area. The dance floor here was raised and solid glass
allowing you to see the dance floor below on the lower level. Tristan lifted
Valentine onto the raised dance floor and began kissing her hard again.
Valentine kissed Tristan back and allowed her hands to roam free along
Tristan’s back and into her locs.
broke the kiss and looked Valentine in the eyes as she slowly lifted
Valentine’s dress over her head. Tristan inhaled sharply as she viewed
Valentine’s stunning physique back lit by the lights from the party below.
Valentine’s brown skin looked like it glowed from within. Her full breasts sat
high and proud above a flat, smooth stomach. Valentine was wearing no underwear
so she was completely naked. Her thick juicy thighs were a luscious invitation
to her beautifully manicured pussy.
released a low growl dripping in desire and began devouring Valentine’s
chocolate nipples. She sucked on Valentine’s breasts alternately and nibbled on
her nipples. Valentine moaned and arched her body towards Tristan, craving the
release she knew was soon to come. Valentine’s pussy was dripping wet and the
scent of her essence served to fuel Tristan’s primal desires. As Tristan licked
and sucked her breasts, she slid two fingers into Valentine’s molten core.
Valentine immediately began thrusting her body against Tristan’s hand. Tristan
worked her fingers in and out of Valentine’s pussy, twisting them as she went
in and curving them and sliding them across the top wall of Valentine’s pussy
as she withdrew them out, quickly discovering Valentine’s g spot. Tristan’s hot
mouth and strong hands had Valentine about to erupt. Tristan was skilled in
female pleasure and knew from feeling the contours of Valentine’s pussy that
she would be able to put the strap she wore to good use, but she would work her
way up to that.
could not only believe that she was butt naked on the rooftop of a club, but
that she was having the most amazing sex with the finest stud she had ever laid
eyes on, on the rooftop of that same club. However, she didn’t have
time to really think about it much because Tristan was tapping her spot and
hurdling her directly into orgasm. As the orgasm took hold, Valentine cried out
in ecstasy at the top of her lungs. She knew that the music pumping in the club
below would cover her cries so she let go with reckless abandon. Just as she
thought the feeling could get no better, she felt Tristan push her back until
she was laying flat then felt the most amazing sensation as Tristan’s hot mouth
found her female treasure.
first sucked on Valentine’s pussy, drawing her lips into her mouth then
releasing them slowly. Then Tristan ran her tongue from the bottom to the top
of Valentine’s pussy. Valentine was writhing and moaning and arching her pussy
towards Tristan, inviting Tristan to take it all. Tristan teased Valentine’s
pussy, swirling her tongue along the length, around the vaginal canal, and
lightly over her clit. She would slide her tongue all the way into Valentine’s
pussy, then swirl it around the outside. She continued this teasing over and
over again and only varied the tempo and pressure. This was driving Valentine
crazy and held her hostage at the edge of another orgasm. As she moaned and
writhed, moving her head from side to side, she caught a glimpse of the dance
floor below and had a fleeting thought.
I wonder if the people below can see us.
thought was fleeting because as she thought it, Tristan changed tactics and
began sucking on her clit which hurled her over the edge into an orgasmic
abyss. Her upper body came off the floor and she cried out from deep in her
belly. “Oh my fucking God!” She chanted over and over again as she
bucked her hips and her body spasmed in orgasmic pleasure. Before she could
recover, Tristan dropped her pants, grabbed Valentines ankles, raised them in
the air and expertly slid her cyberskin dick deep into Valentine’s hot, wet
pussy. Valentine’s face registered pleasurable shock as Tristan’s dick filled
up her pussy. Tristan began to deep stroke Valentine’s pussy with long hard
strokes. Once inside Valentine’s pussy, Tristan brought both of Valentines legs
together and placed them both over her left shoulder, where she held them with
one hand. This positioned Valentine slightly on her right intensifying her
pleasure and allowing Tristan to hit all of Valentine’s “spots” along
her sugar walls. Valentine continued to cry out as her body became one giant
nerve ending. Just as she started to get used to the pleasurable fucking she
was receiving, Tristan pulled out and spun her onto her knees, placing both of
them onto the dance floor.
this point Tristan realized that she could see the party goers below and they
could probably see them but she was too overcome with desire to care. She
settled Valentine on her knees, head down, ass up, and drove her dick back into Valentine’s
pussy. Tristan slammed her dick in and out of Valentine’s pussy like a piece of
fine machinery. Tristan’s stroke was firm, long and true. She watched
Valentine’s pussy suck in her dick and release it back to her upon every stroke
with a satisfied smacking sound. Valentine’s pussy was hot, wet and inviting
and Valentine was tossing it back willingly to Tristan.
another orgasm began to build in Valentine, she started to flatten out and move
her body away from the pleasurable assault. Tristan reached around Valentine’s
hips with one strong hand and lifted her body back up to accommodate her
stroke. Valentine’s body was heading into a pleasurable direction that was
unfamiliar territory to her and she began to try to break free from Tristan’s
embrace with a wild look in her eye. Tristan held her firmly in place then
reached down and turned Valentine’s face so they were staring into one
another’s eyes, which served to reassure Valentine that she was okay.
wild eyed look slipped away replaced by pure desire. Valentine was again
walking the tightrope to orgasmic pleasure. Tristan held Valentine’s gaze as
she continued to drill Valentine’s pussy mercilessly. Valentine’s pussy
slapped, smacked, and clapped in time with each stroke. Tristan slid the hand
under Valentine’s hips down to Valentine’s clit and began squeezing it gently
and rubbing it softly. It was the straw that unleashed the flood gates of
Valentine’s pleasure. Valentine released an earth shattering howl from deep in
her belly as her orgasm ripped through her body sending electric currents and
spasms from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. Her body shook and
writhed violently as the giant orgasm engulfed her body.
Tristan’s body exploded in orgasm which caused her to lock her arms tightly
around Valentine’s hips. As their bodies rode their respective orgasms, they
collapsed flat onto the glass dance floor, although at this point neither of
them cared if they were seen. Once their bodies settled down, Tristan gently
pulled out of Valentine’s pussy which caused a small orgasmic aftershock to
pierce through her body. She wiped her dick with a handkerchief, tucked it back into her boxers and pulled up
her pants. She grabbed Valentine’s dress and helped her into it. It was obvious
that Valentine was feeling a little self conscious now, as she kept her head
down, wrapped her arms around her body and was silent.
gently lifted Valentine’s chin until Valentine raised her eyes to
Tristan. Tristan gently, but passionately kissed Valentine until she
unwrapped her arms from her body and visibly relaxed. Tristan grabbed
Valentine’s hand and escorted her off of the roof. Once down the stairs, they
both entered the bathroom to freshen up. Valentine fully expected Tristan to be
gone when she finished, but was pleasantly surprised to find Tristan
standing outside of the bathroom waiting for her with a drink for Valentine in
her hand. Valentine exhaled, took a long swallow from the drink and took
Tristan’s extended hand. They walked back into the party, hand in
hand, and over to where The Crew was posted. Tristan introduced Valentine
to her friends and they gave Tristan a hard time about being gone for so long.
then Valentine’s friends came rushing over to her and exclaimed, “Girl
where you been? You missed it. Somebody got fucked good on the roof. We watched
the whole thing but couldn’t make out who it was. I’m sure they gone by
now. Did you see it?”
turned to Tristan with a stricken look on her face. Tristan just flashed her
heart melting smile and introduced herself to Valentine’s friends, then
introduced them to The Crew.  The Crew captured the girls attention
and removed it from the sexual liaison that they had witnessed. As both
groups mingled and got to know each other, Tristan pulled Valentine into her
arms and kissed her softly on the forehead, then whispered in Valentine’s ear,
name is Tristan Veracruz. Would u like to go on a date with me?”
blushed hard and with a smile so big it threatened to break her face, she
nodded yes and rested her head against Tristan’s chest with a sigh of relief.
Written by Phoenix Rising (@a_risingphoenix)  (c) 2010

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  • phoenixstar9 on February 20, 2012

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooow… it's too early in the day for me to be reading this but umm yeah.. the imagery.. and visuals were on point. Very descriptive and intense. I'm a fan! Can't wait to read more from you!

  • Phoenix Rising on February 27, 2012

    Thank you. I appreciate the platform. Will have another one ready for you soon. Thanks again.

  • xNiiCkaxSatiSfiESx on February 29, 2012

    I indeed loved this piece

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