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Untitled “Short Story” – by @ultimateTash

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                                                                                                Part One.   I stared at you with my fluorescent brown eyes, your smile emerging with curiosity.   “What is it?” You asked with a furrow between your brows. “You are exquisite, so glad that you’re mine now.” I smiled, pressing my body against yours. You couldn’t say anything, bonded by silence, your eyes flicked […]

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Was It A One Night Stand

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Was It A One Night Stand

Her tweet started simply:  indigofire: I need some ice.  My response: @indigofire Are you hot or is ur body hot? indigofire: Both, I’m super freakin horny (she responds immediately) Bingo, let’s take this conversation to direct message, because I don’t know if she’s got a significant other floating around twitter. Although, I really don’t care because I […]

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