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Was It A One Night Stand

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Her tweet started simply:
 indigofire: I need some
 My response: @indigofire
Are you hot or is ur body hot?
Both, I’m super freakin horny (she responds immediately)
let’s take this conversation to direct message, because I don’t know if
she’s got a significant other floating around twitter. Although, I really don’t
care because I already have her attention. I couldn’t help myself,
something told me to inquire a little bit more. Indigo fire was a beautiful red
bone that had already piqued my curiosity.
response: Mmmm….let me ask u a question. Penetration or no? (I was doing a
heat check, seeing how far I can go.)
Don’t really care for it
response: Hmmm….how about I cool u off…wait, I don’t want to step on
anyones toes, are you attached.
nope I’m very single
response: Cum over, I have something in store for you.
Ok, I’m game. I’ll be right there.
enters my apartment, which is a loft with views of the San Francisco Bay. I
have smooth and sexy R&B playing softly throughout. She walks over to the
Windows to take in the breathtaking views. I walk up behind her and wrap my
arms around her and start dancing, slowly, with her. She is beautiful, Her
light, golden Brown complexion is luminous in the candlelight. She is tiny,
about 5’1”, but thick and voluptuous in her thighs, asss and hips just like I
like it. Her shoulder length, dark Brown hair is pulled back into a tight bun
accenting her beautiful face. She’s pierced and tatted, tastefully, but
definitely all femme. She’s wearing a deep red colored dress that accents the
warm red undertones in her skin. Her shoes are a strappy heel with the straps
crisss crossing her ankles almost up to her calves. She turns and smiles up at
me as if to say, do you like? I smile back in appreciation and spin her around
so her back is to me. I pull her into me, molding her body to mine. We sway
slowly to the rhythm of the music. I begin running my hands up and down the
contours of her body. She leans back further, sighing, and beginning to purr
her like.
Hmmm I like that…
response: Since you are hot, let’s get you out of these clothes.
begin to slowly peel her dress off of her shoulders, kissing the exposed flesh
that I reveal. She expresses her satisfaction through murmurs of encouragement
and by pushing her ass back into me. I drop her dress to the ground, kissing
down her back across her waist, hips, back of her thighs and calves. She steps
out of her dress and turns and looks at me. She is not wearing any
undergarments, but I didnt expect any. Our discussion left no question about
what this night would be about. I remain on my knees and admire her beautiful
body momentarily when she attempts to kick off her 4” heels. I stop her.
response: Keep them on.
Why, do I have to keep them on.
response: Don’t ask me any questions, just follow my instructions.
I say
as I pull her towards me and bury my face into her pussy, inhaling the
essence of her core. Her hot sex is oozing her desire causing her pussy lips to
glisten and sparkle in the candle light. I move slowly up the front of her
body, kissing and nipping at her flesh. I arrive at her luscious breasts to
find, to my surprise and delight, that both nipples are pierced. I suck each
one into my mouth, flicking and teasing the pierced nipple with my tongue.
OMG, mmmm….
spend a little time with her breasts and nipples before I travel back down her
body. She is writhing and swaying with pleasure as i tease her body with my
mouth. As I reach her center, once again, I spread her legs apart and massage
her inner thighs.
*moans* and *licks lips*
place her right leg over my left shoulder and place my mouth on her hot sex.
Her pussy is blazing hot , her sticky néctar, coating my lips and tongue. She
immediately thrusts her body towards me. I hook my hands underneath her ass and
steady her by placing my other hand onto her back. With little effort, thanks
to her small frame, I stand up which lifts her onto my shoulders. She wraps her
legs around my neck and slides her fingers into my hair.
Oh shit. Mmmmm…
immediately begin to devour her pretty pussy. I licked her lips first, then
parted her lips and slipped my tongue deep into her pussy, sliding it in and
out like a mini dick. I allowed my tongue to trace the inside of her pussy,
tantalizing her body with every stroke. She moaned and writhed on my shoulders
indicating her pleasure and urging me on to assist her in quenching her
internal fire. As I escorted her into orgasm, i walked over to the couch. I
knew that I would not be able to hold her once her orgasm kicked in and I was
correct. As soon as her body started to feel the throes of the orgasm, she
threw her body backwards which flung her from my shoulders and onto the couch
waiting below.
Oh my god, this feels so fucking good. What are you doing to me?
climb onto the couch and continue my oral assault on her pussy. I grip her clit
with my lips and began sucking on it which enhances her orgasm and keeps the
waves of pleasure pulsating through her body. She begins to thrust so hard at
my face that I have to grasp her hips to control her and prevent injury to me.
I can’t stop cumming. Oh shit. Oh God…
release my lips from her clit which instantly reduces the intensity of her
orgasm. I continue to softly lick her pussy and kiss her thighs until her
orgasm subsides. She smiles at me weakly.
Damn, baby.
stand, kiss her on the forehead, and retrieve her dress. I dress her slowly,
admiring the sexy curve of her body. I think to myself, damn, this girl is
fine. After dressing her, I kiss her softly on the lips, grasp her elbow and
escort her to the door. She didn’t say a word cuz she knew what this was all
LOL! Damn that was cold.
response: It was a one night stand. Once the getting was done, there was no
point in sticking around. My only question is: did you cum?
*blushing* Yes.
response: Are you still hot?
*blushing harder* No.
response: That’s what’s up. I have to run, babygirl. Don’t be a stranger on
here. LOL!
I won’t. TTYL.
response: TTYL.
~Signs off of Twitter.~
copywrite (c) 2011 ~ follow me on twitter @a_risingphoenix

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  • thewritegift on July 14, 2012

    Wow! This was intense. Great way to end it. Great Job!

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