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Untitled “Short Story” – by @ultimateTash

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                                                                                                Part One.
  I stared at you with my fluorescent brown eyes, your smile emerging with curiosity.   “What is it?” You asked with a furrow between your brows. “You are exquisite, so glad that you’re mine now.” I smiled, pressing my body against yours. You couldn’t say anything, bonded by silence, your eyes flicked south toward my breasts that were coherently placed on top of your own. You bit your lower lip as I grabbed your belt loops  thrusting your hips slightly toward my body. My eyes were still on you. You, then, flicked your eyes back to me causing a shift in gravitational force. You pulled me closer, leaning down to plant a kiss on my pink stained pout. Your kiss was firm and I knew what this meant. Smiling through the kiss I, then, bit your bottom lip; pulling away slowly while I grinded my teeth against your skin of your lips. At a loss for words, you stutter my name, “Ta-Tashaa” with your eyes closed slightly. As I pull away with a smirk on my face, you grab my ass and firmly grip it, slapping one cheek hard. I whine a bit and you continue to slap the other one because you know how much I like it.

       “Damn, baby….” I express toward you, while looking into your eyes. Slamming me down on the bed, you hike my legs up and wrap them around your torso. I tilt my head back as you begin to suck at my neck, knowing that it does something to me instantaneously. I bite at my lower lip as you continue to suck. Suddenly, you sink your teeth into my neck, not quite penetrating the skin but enough for it to drive me wild. I dig my nails into the sides of your abdominal, making you bite down a little harder. You, then, slide your mouth from my neck to my lips causing goosebumps to grow down my spine. I grip my legs around you tighter as you start to kiss my lips. I slide my tongue out and into your mouth, slowly swirling it around. Sliding my hand down into your pants, significantly cuffing your pussy with my hand through the opening of your boxers. You part your lips with mine and let our a groan. Looking into my eyes, I look back at you and we both know the damage is about to begin.

       As I thrust my hips toward yours and move my hand in between your silky pussy lips, you groan once more. Teasing me with your tongue in my mouth, I whine and beg for you to “Stop” because I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter. I slowly start to rub your clit with the tip of my finger, being careful not to press down too hard at first.

       “Fuck me.” You say silently, leaving your breath against my skin. Taking your clothes off slowly, piece by piece. One by one. You look up at me with sex hunger eyes. I look back and smile. I gaze at your body as it significantly gets goosebumps from the window being open. “Patience is a virture,” I express toward you with a smirk on my face. Suddenly I pin your body to the bed, keeping your hands to mine, while we both lay full of nudity. Kissing all over your body with my pink stained pout as you arch your back and then crumble back down into the sheets. “Mmmm,” you moan – almost trying to be silent. I dig my nails into your dark chocolate thighs. “Let it out.” I command you. Moving my kisses down your oblique, I sense you shudder. Working my way down your pussy, I plant more kisses onto the top of it, not quite penetrating the skin with my mouth, yet letting the air from it drive you mad. Facing your pussy now, I continue to look at you while your back is arched in disarray. Wanting, craving for more than just a kiss to the pussy. I blow slowly and slightly onto your pussy lips, you grip the sheets. “Fuck me now!” I start to spread your pussy lips apart as your legs continue to spread as well, reaching further and further away from each other. You browse down at me as I skim your wetness with my eyes, ready to devour each and every piece of that wetness. I slowly and surely wrap my lips around your clit, sucking gently because I know how insane that drives you. You shudder some more and begin to moan uncontrollably like a bitch. I grin to myself, and then start flicking the tip of my tongue against your clit, sliding my tongue down and inserting into your pussy, shoveling the creamy goodness out and swallowing it whole. Moving my way back to your clit, I fasten the speed of my tongue, flicking it more and more. I notice you grip the bed sheets with one hand and grab the back of my head with the other, pushing my face down into your pussy even more than it is already. You stutter my name extremely loud this time, “TA-TA-TASHA!” I grin more while I wrap my mouth around your enlarged clit, sucking and moving my head from side to side as well. Moving my hands up to your perfectly shaped choclate breasts, caressing them and pinching your nipples to intensify the affect of your orgasm in which you are about to explode.

       You can’t contain yourself anymore and you begin to cum into my mouth and orgasming, letting our deep growls, groans and moans all wrapped into one just like my lips around your clit. You start to push my head away, and I continue to flick the tip of my tongue against it. “Da-Damn, baby. Please don’t tease me.” You start to convulse and tremble because my fuck was just that good. I lean up and kiss your lips with my warm and wet mouth. I place one finger in between your wet and throbbing pussy, you clench and I place the wetness into your mouth. You smile. I smile and then you express toward me as you kiss my lips deeply. “You ready for me?” I grin and blush as I nod my head complying with your devious antics.

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