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 There’s Nothing More I Want…. Then Us!

I love it when you run your fingers across my thighs.
I love your over protective ways even when they’re a bit scary.

I love it when you call me beautiful, who you are compliments me above all you urge me to face the beauty in me.

It kills me when you seem so confused to how much I truly love and adore you.

I love the way you stare at me seeing beyond my eyes.

My heart gets so heavy when we don’t see eye to eye it seems as if life stop and time just stand still.

I love the way you kiss me so gentle-yet full of emotion.

I love the way you hold my hand as I rub my fingers against yours.

I love it when you wrap your arms around me and breathe me in. How your
eyes close from our embrace. I look back and truly say no one has ever
made me feel the way that you do up close or at a distance. Making me long for us and only us!

There are so many moments between us, my winning moment is when you
stare me down and hug me tight and say my name with so much intensity. I
just want to melt into your frame.

I love your smile. Those dimples erase the angry in that moment fades away.

Your laugh is so soothing it heals me especially when when we’re laughing together.

I love the way you whisper to me or reach for me regardless if someone is nearby.

I love it when you say sweet things that make me want to cry,
I love the way you are so confident in everything you do.
There are endless reasons why I love you!  Endless, reasons why I can’t get over you nor do I truly want to.

There’s Nothing More I Want… Then Us! 

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