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Our Interview with Two Mom Diaries (October 19th, 2014) @twomomdiaries

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Our interview with Two Mom Diaries from October 2014, they are now pregnant so we want to also say Congratulations!


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About Two Mom Diaries: We met in 2003. Dakerri was 19, Sondra 20. We didn’t really go through a dating phase and establish when we got together. We were pretty much exclusive from day 1. 6 months into our relationship we moved in together (Uhaul lesbians lol) which is also when Sondra officially came out to her parents. Dakerri had come out a year prior. On September 14, 2012 we were married in Washington DC. Dakerri legally changed her last name (hyphenated) in Oct. 2012. Due to issues getting name changed on driver license because of TN not recognizing same-sex marriage, we decided it would be best Sondra wait until after our marriage became legal in TN to change her name. On March 7, 2013 we celebrated our 10 year anniversary. Early 2014 we started seriously discussing starting a family and in the early summer we made the decision that we were both officially ready to have a baby. We decided that we wanted to make a video diary so that we could show our child all the love and planning that went into conceiving him/her. We then realized that there could be other couples who were contemplating starting a family, but may be reluctant to because of where they live, fear of how their family would be accepted, not knowing how to go about doing so, etc. We hope to encourage and empower other couples or to answer questions of those who may just be curious about same-sex families. Youtube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:


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